Azula Drawers

Round black 2-drawer bedside table
Azula 2 Drawer Bedside Table
W45 × D45 × H58 cm
Black 3-drawer chest
Azula 3 Drawer Chest
W110 × D45 × H88 cm

Are you looking to add some aesthetic interest to your bedroom, without the standard addition of “a pop of colour” or “a juxtaposing texture”? Finding furnishings and items which present a genuinely modern life to your space can be difficult, especially if you want to avoid the trappings of bold colours and varying textures. Read more…

Which is why the design and build of the Azula drawers is so unique and popular with homeowners.

Embracing a matte black finish, the unique features of this collection lie in the shape of the units and the way that the drawers fit and slide into the main unit.

While the smaller side table offers a perfect cylindrical shape, with the drawers pulling out from the cylinder with round drawer fronts, the wider chest of drawers combines its rectangular shape with similarly rounded edges.

Far from colour or texture, this creates juxtaposing and standout shapes within the room – making these units a playful way of adding aesthetic interest to a bedroom.

The drawer handles on the fronts of the drawers, meanwhile, deliver an art deco vibe through the use of the gold metallic material. This compliments the matte black structure of the units perfectly and ensures that the drawers are super easy to use.

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