Granger Oak Bedroom Furniture

Oak dressing table and stool
Granger Dressing Table and Stool
W120 × D45 × H120 cm
£629 plus delivery
3-drawer oak bedside chest
Granger 3 Drawer Bedside
W42 × D32 × H58 cm
£189 plus delivery
Oak 5 drawer chest
Granger 2+3 Chest Of Drawers
W100 × D45 × H105 cm
£749 plus delivery
2-door oak wardrobe with drawer
Granger 2 Door Wardrobe
W110 × D57 × H200 cm
£1,249 plus delivery
3-door oak wardrobe with 2 drawers
Granger 3 Door Wardrobe
W150 × D57 × H200 cm
£1,799 plus delivery

There is no material more refined, stylish, or long lasting than oak – with home furniture buyers constantly heralding their oak furnishings as the more durable and reliable pieces in their homes.

This bedroom furniture collection not only offers customers that coveted longevity but also presents a natural patterned texture which highlights and brings out the natural design of the wood – with each piece simple in its construction and left in its most natural state. READ MORE…

And if you’re looking for something a little more vibrant or unique for yours or your child’s bedroom, the Granger oak collection can be decorated and accessorised as per your preferences.

With the wood finished to a high standard, a coat of paint can quickly transform your natural oak furnishings into a colourful collection of pieces.

Alternatively, you will find that the natural wood fits into and integrates with any surroundings – perfect for those who like to change their interior styling regularly.

Antique metal cup caps are added to each drawer to create consistency across the entire collection, whether you opt for a single piece or the entire set.

The collection boasts a dressing table with matching stool, two different wardrobes in different sizes, a bedside table, and a set of drawers. Storage in the bedroom can be difficult to come by, but with the Granger Oak bedroom collection you will find yourself revelling in the amount of free space available to use.

Standard Delivery is £24.99 or £34.99 (depending on size)

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