William Morris Cushions

Velvet patterned cushions
Velvet Strawberry Thief Cushion
Green floral pattern cushion with plain green reverse
Velvet Compton Cushion
Botanical pattern cushion
Lodden Cushion
Green pattern cushion
Velvet Peacock & Bird Cushion
Scatter cushions
Velvet African Marigold Piped Cushion

To browse the William Morris cushion collection, you will immediately notice that these designs bridge the value of texture and colour, design, and juxtaposing elements to great effect. Read more…

From those designs which are bordered by different patterns, to the cushions with a stitched outline, those with a textured frayed edge, and those which infuse a layer of design within the same colour palette but a juxtaposing texture, the beauty of this collection is that there is something for every home.

If you’re curating an eclectic and bold space, then opt for the cushions which boast bold colours and standout patterns. For something more in line with a modern home and interior space, the textured cushions compliment your vibe, while the frayed edges and ornate linings lend themselves to home offices and to standalone chairs which need an injection of personality and flair.

These cushions aren’t just designed to enhance your space through aesthetics but are also incredibly comfortable – boasting plump fillings and soft touch materials throughout.

What’s more, because all stem from the same collection, homeowners can mix and match different designs or select one design and ensure consistency and balance throughout the space with their chosen finish.

Anything is possible with this timeless, British-based design – brought to life for the modern home in comfortable cushions.

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