Over Mantle Mirrors

Traditional over mantel mirror with antique gold coloured frame
Overmantle Bow Mirror, Gold
A traditional-style mirror with antique gold-coloured frame featuring decorative beading and a bow detail at the top
W106 × H95 cm
£225 from John Lewis
Over mantle mirror with distressed cream frame
Distressed Overmantle Mirror
A cream-painted frame with beaded edge dretail, available in two sizes
W92/104 × H90/95 cm
£175 – £195 from John Lewis
Contemporary over mantle mirror with black-painted frame
Yearn Contemporary Overmantle Wood Frame Wall Mirror
A bold, contemporary mirror with a black-painted frame
W112 × H76 cm
£187 from John Lewis
Large format mirror with curved gold finish frame
Gold Edge Overmantle Mirror
Large feature mirror with a shapely gold-finish frame
W100 × H85 cm
£240 from John Lewis
Large over mantle mirror with slim metal edge
Fine Edge Mirror Over Mantle
A statement mirror with a slender metal frame, available with a silver or gold-finish and two sizes
W110/120 × H80/100 cm
From £449 at Heal’s
Mirrors have long been used by homeowners and interior designers to add light to a room, to make a space feel bigger, and to capture the functional benefits as well as the design highlights of a space. Over mantle mirrors offer all of this and more, set atop a feature in your home which already draws the eye and effortlessly combines practical function with design flair and style. Read more…

The mantlepiece in a home, be it in a living space, bedroom, or open plan area, lends itself to decorative accessories – providing a showcase surface on which to mount a variety of items.

Installing a mirror on the wall above the mantle infuses the surrounding space with additional light at eye level. What’s more, it has the added practical benefit of presenting a reflective surface at the right height to check ones appearance throughout the day!

Of course, the frame that you choose for your over mantle mirror has a huge impact on its overall presentation and the way it suits the space – with rounded edges helping to soften the room while ornate and decorative frames infuse a traditional vibe into your home.

And if you’re really looking for something different, why not layer different mirrors to present a unique and contemporary finish!

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