Harlequin Perplex Pouffe

Ochre fabric upholstered Pouffe-style footrest
Harlequin Perplex Pouffe, Ochre
W55 × D55 × H38 cm
Navy blue pouffe with geometric pattern decor
Harlequin Perplex Pouffe, Navy
W55 × D55 × H38 cm

A pouffe is typically regarded as a decorative and stylish addition to the home, whether you select a design which matches and compliments your other soft furnishings or select a statement which will stand out and become as much a part of your decorative scheme as any artwork and other accessories. Read more…

Suitable for being used as a footrest, table, or simply as a stylish addition to your interior design scheme, the Harlequin Perplex pouffe blends texture with colour – making a statement in two bold colour palettes perfect for the modern home.

The first of the two uses a vibrant ochre to contrast the white cut-out detailing of the pouffe, with the ochre shapes made from a soft-touch velvet which creates and celebrates the all important luxury of the textures. The other colour available is a rich navy blue, which uses the same kind of fabric but in a much deeper and more regal shade.

The pattern itself is busy from the outside and works well with an angular and geometric modern space – adding a vivid pop of colour which compliments cool neutrals or a monochrome style perfectly.

As well as being highly decorative to look at, this pouffe is also functional, with enough formal structure that it can double up as a reliable table surface, and enough weight that it will remain in place securely in your home.

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