Arne Brass Dial Analogue Wall Clock

Minimalism is at the heart of this wall clock design, which blends a single muted tone colour backdrop with simple brass markings to create a finish which stands out against a neutrally decorated modern wall and offers the bare minimum in terms of details for a polished finish.

The hour markers are all identical in their look, with the single brass coloured strips juxtaposing and contrasting perfectly against the muted grey clock face – allowing the time to stand out no matter the light conditions in your space. READ MORE…

The hands of the clock are, again, minimalist in their design, matching the hour markers with a simple but effective brass coloured aesthetic. Given its a large size, stretching 60cm in diameter from side to side, this clock has been designed to stand out from its surroundings – while the lightweight construction means that the clock is easy to move around and change when necessary.

If you’re looking for something a little smaller, the blue Arne Brass Dial Analogue wall clock measures 40cm from side to side.

No more out of season timing for half of the year whenever the clocks change – with a clock that commands this much attention, and is this easy to use, it has never been easier to keep on top of the changing seasons.

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