Large Roman Numeral Skeleton Wall Clock

Invite traditional design flair into your home, with a wall clock which goes hand in hand with modern interior decorating, and which ticks all the boxes of delivering detail and intricate design flair with a simple monochromatic colour palette.

Black wall clock with Roman numerals

Whether selected for a home office, kitchen, or living space, this wall clock takes the traditional concept of roman numeral numbering and pairs it with a skeleton constructive design, creating an industrial styled clock which is perfect for any large wall space in your home.

Whether you place this clock on a neutrally decorated and plain wall, or atop a more detailed wallpaper or textured wall, the simple black structure and contrasting gold hands allows this clock to stand out and make telling the time quick and easy. Read more…

The addition of intricate decorative cogs which lie behind the ticking hands and add to the overall constructive design of the clock make for a really interesting and industrial finish, giving this clock its unique look, which ticks the boxes of both traditional and modern design.

Meanwhile the use of powder-coated aluminium in the build of the clock means that it is lightweight and easy to move around or change as necessary.

The ideal way to making telling the time more interesting in your home.

50cm Clock2kg£120
70cm Clock3kg£180
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