Fired Earth Bedding Sets

Premium duvet cover with Mexican inspired print
Acapulco Alva Pure Cotton Bedding Set
£59 – £89
Mexican theme bedding set
Acapulco Amaya Pure Cotton Bedding Set
£79 – £109
Green cotton bedding with repeat pattern print
Acapulco Merida Pure Cotton Bedding Set
£49.50 – £79
Grey patterned duvet set
Casablanca Collection Kubba Woven Bedding Set
£14 – £99
Jacquard bedding set
Casablanca Collection Poste Jacquard Bedding Set
£69 – £99
Bold pattern bedding set
Seville Carmona Pure Cotton Bedding Set
£59 – £89

With the Fired Earth brand renowned for its intricate designs and ornate patterns, you won’t be surprised to see that this collection of bedding sets spans both delicate and standout finishes.
Combining soft colours with a selection of different design schemes, some of which cover the whole duvet layer while other span just a small portion of the overall furnishing, it couldn’t be easier to find a set which matches your bedroom space and delivers on your ideal aesthetic. Read more…

To start with the simplest designs, one thing you will notice is that there is always a level of uniformity to the look and structure of the pattern.

Whether it’s a single line or an entire section of pattern, the way it is printed is always angular and well balanced – ensuring that your bed looks its best day and night.

Moving into the more complex and layered designs, notice how even the texture of the fabric plays into some of the finishes – from woven bedding sets to jacquard fabric finishes.

You can identify the perfect match for your bedroom by first deciding if you want a primarily colourful or neutral finish, and then browsing the different designs and patterns to find one which compliments your furnishings and surrounding space.

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