Decorative Wall Mirrors

Wall mirror with gold-coloured wire frame
Rajasthan Round Mirror
A spectacular round mirror with a frame of gold-coloured iron strands
W87 × D5 × H87cm
Large convex wall mirror
Orta Drop Mirror
Large teardrop-style mirror with a solid walnut frame
W90 × D5 × H90cm
£825 from
Round wall mirror with swirl-pattern metal frame
Fusion Swirl Mirror
Featuring an eye-catching swirl pattern frame made from nickel-plated iron with a brass finish
W82 × D7 × H82
Large round wall mirror with faceted edge
Facet Beaded Edge Round Wall Mirror
A large round mirror with a discreet beaded glass surround
W80 × H80
Wall mirror with metallic mosaic frame
Mosaic Wall Mirror
This rectangular mirror features a wooden frame decorated with a mosaic pattern made from irregualr shaped metallic pieces
W75 × D7 × H106
Round wall mirror with textured metal frame
Primitive Textured Metal Frame Round Wall Mirror
A round wall mirror with a subtly textured metal frame
W92 × D3 × H92

From ornate and elaborate borders to three-dimensional frames, weird and wonderful shapes, and textured finishes, this selection of wall mirrors is designed to suit and compliment all types of home setting. Read more…

The beauty of a decorative wall mirror lies in the versatile benefits of reflective surfaces, not just with regards to the presentation of your chosen mirror but also in terms of the impact that the feature has on the surrounding space.

Mirrors are excellent additions to smaller room or hallway, instantly making the space feel larger and more open, and reflecting light to make it appear brighter.

Designed to contribute to the design flair and personality of your home, these particular mirrors retain the use of natural and neutral materials but with unique designs and finishes.

For example, notice how even the angular and most straight-edged mirrors embrace textured borders and layering – while some of the standout mirrors have three-dimensional frames that burst into the room with effortless design flair.

Finding the perfect mirror for your home means opting for the right shape to compliment your interior design scheme, using materials which enhance the textural details and features of your space while creating a cohesive and welcoming environment.

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