Bolton Aztec Outdoor Pouffes

A combination of sustainable styling and year-round home décor, these Bolton Aztec outdoor pouffes are made from recycled polyester – giving them a durable, high quality, yet stylish finish which is available in a couple of different colour palettes. READ MORE…

Made for use both inside and out, these pouffes capture the beauty of inside-outside living and can be used for extra seating, as a drinks surface, or as a design feature in an otherwise modern and undecorated space.

While the durable and weather-proof fabric is an undeniable selling point for these pouffes, which can be purchased as a round or cube version, the colours and intricate Aztec patterns gives them their design flair and makes them a playful but modern and design-led addition to the home.

In selecting your perfect pouffe from the collection, buyers are given a choice between the cooler neutrals of white and grey colours, a softer beige palette, or something with a little more colour in the form of the terracotta and blue patterns.

Whichever design you opt for, the recycled polyester cover is made comfortable and functional by the polyester filling which holds its shape but offers some cushioning when used as a seat.

Consider placing your pouffes on your patio or decking in the summer and updating your hallways with some colour during the winter months.

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