Swoon Sartre Tables

Brushed brass frame console table with a two-tone marble top
Swoon Sartre

It’s the 2020’s, and interior design has become more focussed than ever before on 1920’s styling – taking concepts and design ideas from 100 years ago and repurposing them for a modern audience.

The end result is pieces which are highly functional and simple in terms of their structure, and which blend opulent colours with statement materials to create aesthetically pleasing furnishings – like the Swoon Sartre tables.

Console table with 2-tone marble top and a gold coloured metal frame
Swoon Sartre Marble Console Table
W77 × D35 × H90 cm
The collection includes both a console table and a coffee table, with most homeowners opting for one or the other for their living space or selecting both to create consistency and cohesive design across their entire home layout. READ MORE…

The framing of both pieces uses a gold coloured metal, reminiscent of the opulent and elegant 1920’s style, while the marble surface has been laid into the frame for a perfectly seamless and level surface.

The marble itself benefits from a dual-tone finish, which means that the juxtaposing white and grey pieces are presented as if they are on single piece of material despite the vast difference in colour.

This adds an extra layer of design flair without changing the neutral and modern colour palette of the piece as a whole.

And finally, to the shape of both pieces, which embrace rounded edges and sit in contrast with the angular edges of modern interior design. The perfect way to take a statement furnishing and give it an edge in any home.

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