Muuto Around Coffee Table

Round oak side table with raised edge
Around Coffee Table Small
Diam.45 × H46 cm
Round oak coffee table with raised edge
Around Coffee Table Large
Diam.72 × H36 cm
Large round oak coffee table with raised edge
Around Coffee Table Extra Large
Diam.90 × H36 cm

The Muuto Around coffee table presents a clean cut border around the edge of the table, which adds both a safety feature and ensures that the table becomes a true focal point in your home or living space. Read more…

With the border boasting a lightly angled structure, featuring an opening for ease of access for mugs and other lifestyle accessories, these tables are all highly functional but present the simple aesthetic charm of items which are made for modern living.

Available in a selection of sizes, ranging from side tables right up to vast coffee tables, these structures all benefit from the same overall design – which creates the kind of consistency perfect for a modern home.

What this means is that the Muuto Around tables can be introduced to different areas of your home in any on of the available colours, all blending together and presenting a harmonious aesthetic.

As well as the complimentary design and structure, these tables are also well varnished and lacquered to protect the surface and ensure that it does not stain or scratch easily.

This feature is particularly important for families and those who use their coffee and other tables on a regular basis and want to keep them safe and protected.

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