Swoon Mendel Coffee Table & Side Table

Brass frame table with glass top
Geometric shapes are here to stay – alongside angular structures, simple but oversized designs, and a growing affinity for juxtaposing materials which create an aesthetic and textural statement in your home
Brass frame square coffee table with glass top and acacia wood base
Swoon Mendel Coffee Table
W100 × D100 × H38 cm
Brass frame side table with glass top and acacia wood base
Swoon Mendel Side Table
W30 × D30 × H59 cm
With gold metal framing and a glass surface, this coffee table and matching side table is both minimalistic in style and designed to stand out – creating the ideal focal point which integrates seamlessly into your space and supports the surrounding design rather than drawing focus from it. Read more…

One thing you will notice when looking at both the coffee table and side table side by side is that they use the same structure and overall design blueprint, but while the coffee table is oversized in its expanse and the way it covers the floor, the side table is built on height.

Both items boast a floor-level shelf which acts as a secondary display surface, with the upper surface sitting atop the frame to present a perfectly level table top.

Whether integrated in a traditional living room or in a vast open plan space, this is the kind of furnishing which provides the perfect blend of timeless style and modern design flair, with the reflective glass surface particularly adding to the overall presentation of the space by reflecting sources of light and brightening up its surroundings.

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