Farley Marble Tables

Round marble coffee table with a brass coloured frme
Farley Round Coffee Table
W72 × D72 × H42 cm
Rectangular marble coffee table with brass frame
Farley Coffee Table
W95 × D55 × H42 cm
Marble top side tables with a brass coloured frame
Farley Nest of Tables
W40 × D40 × H45 cm
Round marble tables with brass finish frames
Farley Round Nest of Tables
W41 × D41 × H49 cm

Selecting the right table for your home or living space requires a blended approach to functionality and style. The Farley collection of marble tables brings together products which are all designed to sit at varying heights, creating levels and layers within the home which make it feel both more welcoming and more professionally styled. Read more…

The aesthetic design of the tables themselves is remarkably simple, spotlighting a white marble-look surface set atop a golden frame which is deliberately minimalist.

With the frame of each table constructed from two parallel surface holders, one of which holds the marble slab while the other is set at the base of the table and acts as a stable and secure foundation, the overall design is very simple and integrates with ease amongst other minimalist furnishings and home pieces.

Of course, the simple and minimalist design is juxtaposed by the decision to keep the surface a white marble, with the intricate and ornate natural pattern of the marble ensuring that not only is every individual table unique in terms of its finished look, but each is made a little more decorative owing to the natural pattern of the marble.

Overall, a clean and modern addition to the home.

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