Stanford Marble Tables

A collection of multi-layer tables which fuse simple elegance with refined materials and a delicate gold rim, the Stanford marble table set makes the perfect statement in a modern living room and can add an air of sophistication and prestige to any home office in seconds.

Designed to maximise the use of floor space with two tiered table surfaces, these tables boast two tiers – available in two different styles, with one a low set coffee table while the other is much taller and has a smaller circumference to act as an ideal side table. Read more…

The two marble surfaces are joined together with an elaborate gold frame, which skirts around the rim of each marble surface and adds an art deco feel to the whole structure.

The addition of semicircles at each of the four joining points draws more attention to the gold frame and helps to soften the otherwise very cool and hard materials with curved edges..

Whether you opt for both items or choose between the coffee table or side table, these simple but elegant tables are a must-have for modern homes – and can be used across both indoor and outdoor spaces to add some elegant grandeur to any event or party.

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