Gallery Direct Holt

The Holt collection embodies refined, timeless, and world class elegance – with the marble effect finish and the juxtaposing curves and straight edges making this the perfect collection to integrate into a modern, minimalist, or contemporary home.

Placing the marble surfaces on thin black metal framed legs which meet on the floor in the centre, the emphasis of this collection is placed entirely on the marble-look surfaces – the four sides of which are finished in a rounded rectangle for optimum surface and display space. Read more…

The collection includes a single level side table and coffee table, as well as a double-layered sideboard and coffee table option for maximum space.

Because the shapes of this particular collection are designed to be neither round nor straight-edged, the Holt series of furnishings have been designed with every home in mind – enabling you to breathe life into an otherwise very modern and angular space or tone down the effect of too many shapes and details.

Whichever way you choose to dress, furnish, or decorate the Holt collection of furnishings, the cool white marble-effect surface adds a grandeur which is unmatched and will continue to be timeless all year round, for interior seasons to come.

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