Coin Tables

When it comes to accessory furnishings, for example coffee table and side tables, you want something which will provide functionality and design flair but without stealing focus from the main points of your space.

Round walnut coffee table
Coin Coffee Table
H40 × Dia.85cm
Walnut side table
Coin Side Table
H40 × Dia.45cm

The Coin table collection manages to do just that, with a natural wood structure benefitting from the added detail of rounded coin shapes carved out from the exterior of the table surface.

With a consistent pattern around the entire diameter of the table, this creative and highly decorative pattern perfectly frames the table and turns it from something bland and uninteresting into the perfect focal point of your seating area.

The juxtaposition between the minimalist and modern shape, and the dark and more traditional wood finish of the table is such that this piece can compliment any style of living space – whether you have a neutral colour palette in your home or something brighter and more colourful.

The wood comes from a walnut tree and has been lacquered to present the perfect glossy finish without detracting from or concealing the natural pattern of the wood.

Durable, long lasting, and able to withstand the wear and tear of daily use, this table is a high end investment for your living space.

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