ercol Sorrento Armchair & Sofa

Mid-century style sofas with exposed wooden frames
A collection of armchairs and sofas which connect Scandi-living with modern design…
Navy chenille fabric upholstered armchair
ercol for John Lewis Sorrento Armchair
W109 × D98 × H80 cm
2-seater navy fabric upholstered sofa with exposed wooden frame
ercol for John Lewis Sorrento Medium 2 Seater Sofa
W184 × D98 × H80 cm
3-seater navy fabric upholstered sofa with exposed wooden frame
ercol for John Lewis Sorrento Large 3-Seater Sofa
W224 × D98 × H80 cm

Scandi-style living is all about clean lines and creating a harmonious blend of design-centric interiors and your natural exterior space. The Ercol Sorrento range has been created to facilitate inside-outside living while retaining complete comfort – combining the simple wood frame with a fabric covered main body and bulk of the chair, complete with matching fabric cushions. Read more…

To look at the structural build of this chair, one of the first things you notice is that the frame is exposed in so far as the armrests become the legs of the chair holding it above the ground.

By keeping these wooden components on show, they become a part of the overall design and neatly juxtapose the other very colourful soft touch fabric which adds comfort to the chair.

Available as an armchair or sofa, and in a variety of different colours, this is a collection which can be mixed and matched to suit any space – whether you keep your colour scheme simple for a very modern home or opt for a mismatch of finishes and colours to suit a more eclectic space.

Add matching wood furnishings and pieces to the room to bring it together and to ensure that the Scandi-inspired aesthetics are not lost.

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