Ercol Forli Sofa

Grey fabric chaise sofa with exposed oak frame
A modern take on the classic corner sofa, this Ercol Foli sofa combines its textured aesthetic with a neutral colour palette and minimalistic structure – creating the ideal statement furnishing for a modern or contemporary home…
Left-hand chaise sofa with grey textured fabric upholstery and an expose oak frame
Forli Left Hand Corner Chaise Sofa
W261 × D160 × H85 cm
Right-hand chaise sofa with grey textured fabric upholstery and an exposed oak frame
Forli Right Hand Corner Chaise Sofa
W261 × D160 × H85 cm

While the exposed oak frame taps seamlessly into the modern affinity for natural materials and surfaces, the flecked grey fabric adds depth to both the furnishing and its surrounding space – perfect for an open and neutral setting, adding warmth and layering to a modern home which can be perceived as bland without the right attention to detail. Read more…

Despite its very simple and modern aesthetic, the Ercol Foli sofa is very much designed with comfort in mind, with well plumped cushions sat atop the fabric covered frame and adding extra layers to both armrests.

The ability to choose between a left and right-cornered finish means that homeowners benefit from the added convenience of selecting the right structure for their home – setting the sofa neatly into a corner or using it to create a self-contained living area within an open plan space.

The final benefit of this particular sofa is the depth and texture of the fabric which makes it ideal for hiding and concealing signs of wear and tear – perfect for active family life and for those homes which are both well presented and welcoming.

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