Hendricks Sofas & Armchairs

Mid-century style accent armchair
Hendricks Accent Chair
(Blake Clementine)
W73 × D82 × H76 cm
From £499
Contempo Castanga Leather Arrmchair with dark wood frame
Hendricks Leather Armchair
(Contempo Castanga)
W73 × D82 × H76 cm
From £799
Grey fabric rocking chair with wooden frame
Hendricks Rocking Chair
(Hatton Light Grey)
W73 × D94 × H74 cm
From £649
Teal fabric loveseat sofa with wooden frame
Hendricks Loveseat
(Connie Teal)
W113 × D82 × H76 cm
From £649
Grey fabric sofa with wooden frame
Hendricks Medium 2 Seater Sofa
(Hatton Light Grey)
W164 × D82 × H76 cm
From £1,049
If you’re familiar with Scandi home styling then you will know that it encompasses and captures a mix of natural materials, simple living, and minimalist home décor to create something warm and welcoming.

The Hendricks collection takes that idea and runs with it, embracing the natural materials in the form of wooden accent frames, before softening the overall effect with fabric-covered backrest and seat cushion for optimum comfort. Read more…

With light wood and dark wood options, a rocking chair structure, an oversized loveseat and a full-sized sofa version all available within the collection, the Hendricks sofas and armchairs have something for everyone – and they’re perfect for every room of the house.

One of the primary selling points of the Hendricks collection for buyers comes not only from the assortment of sizes and builds available but also from the selection of colours and fabrics that are available to choose from.

With modern home styling so focussed on colour and texture as one, being able to mix and match is a great benefit for buyers – allowing them to lean on the textural detail of a minimalist finish or select something vibrant and playful to become the focal point of their living space.

Whichever colour, style, and finish you opt for, the mix of fabric and the simple wood structure is sure to turn heads and give your home a modern, Scandi edge.

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