Blocky Armchair

Contemporary boucle fabric upholstered armchair
Blocky Armchair, Natural
W74 × D89 × H77 cm
Red fabric upholstered modern armchair
Blocky Armchair, Rust Velvet
W74 × D89 × H77 cm
A chair which combines simplicity with a contemporary shape, this cutting edge armchair is as much a work of art for the home as it is a comfortable place to relax in the evenings – with the incredibly simple structural design of the chair presenting a fine-tuned balance between the size and placement of the arms and legs with that of the seat itself. Read more…

Resting in between two up-turned U-shape structures, the seat is lightly tilted backwards to optimise the comfort of the user, with the well-padded seat particularly comfortable while the backrest offers a light-touch fabric finish and plenty of support.

The up-turned U-shaped structures either side work to form both the chair legs and the armrests, giving the piece its artistic aesthetic finish and making it a modern staple for a neutral and minimalist home.

Available in two different colours, one a light neutral shade and other a richer rust colour, this chair seamlessly becomes the focal point of any room it’s in and can be supplemented with a floor rug, side table, floor lamp, or simply an expanse of open plan space and its own corner of the room to call home.

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