Trim Sofa

Boucle fabric sofa
Trim – A range of marshmallow-coloured bouclé fabric upholstered sofas

Interior trends come and go with the passing of every season, bringing with them new colour preferences and new design concepts which cover virtually every furnishing and decorative accessory within the home. As such, finding a sofa which fits with your overall home environment and aesthetic, and which appears stylish but without matching any specific trends too closely, can be difficult.

2-seater marshmallow fabric sofa with blue cushion
Trim Medium 2 Seater Sofa
W177 × D86 × H81 cm
3-seater boucle fabric sofa
Trim Large 3 Seater Sofa
W197 × D86 × H81 cm
4 seater  boucle fabric sofa with blue accent cushion
Trim Grand 4 Seater Sofa
W217 × D86 × H81 cm
The Trim sofa collection embraces the timeless style of neutral colours and combines it with statement fabrics and textural finishes – in this case using boucle fabric to really give each sofa in the collection a warm and cosy vibe perfect for the home. Read more…

With modern homes so often utilising and building their entire look on neutral colour palettes, texture becomes a huge part of the home, and this set of sofas really embraces that with the soft touch structure and added cushions – all of which are aet atop natural wood legs for a continuation of the modern and timeless vibe.

Available as a two, three, or four-seater sofa, the Trim sofa may look simple from a distance but as you get closer and finally relax into the sofa itself, you will see how valuable texture can be.

The perfect sofa for an open plan living space or a large living room.

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