Tom Dixon Spring Lighting

Gold coloured ceiling lights
Tom Dixon Spring Ceiling Lights
A visually striking design featuring ribbons of gold-coloured steel arranged around a single pendant light source…
Gold coloured ceiling light
Tom Dixon Spring LED Small Ceiling Light
Diam. 60cm x H24cm
Ceiling light with gold metal frame
Tom Dixon Spring LED Medium Ceiling Light
Diam. 88cm x H45cm

The lighting you choose for your home is a lot more than simply a functional decision – it also plays a big part in the way the room is presented, in the way it is styled, and in the way that the distribution of light from the source shines throughout the space. Read more…

The Tom Dixon spring lighting collection is one of the most ornate selections of lampshades on the market, combining a rich golden hue with the intricate strip design which creates a curved dome around the dropped ceiling bulb.

With two different styles available, one a more circular and rounded dome while the other is flatter and takes up less space, homeowners can select the spring light shade which best suits their space and the height of their room – and it doesn’t end there.

The golden hue of the steel strips offers the perfect way to warm up even the brightest and most modern of spaces, with warm lighting complimented by the gold colour palette while a cooler white light serves to be toned down by the gold.

For those who embrace modern and minimalist living, this lampshade is the perfect solution that adds texture and patterning to a room in the most natural and simple of ways – with the changing light settings within a home over the course of the day consistently adjusting and altering the overall aesthetic.

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