Harmony Ribbon Lighting

Ribbon-style lamps
Harmony Ribbon Large Table Lamp
H70 × Dia.50cm
An often overlooked aspect of home decorating and furnishing, lighting forms an integral part of how a room is presented at different times throughout the day and night.

The Harmony ribbon collection of lamps and lampshades puts a spotlight on the value of decorative structures in impacting the way that light shines and moves around the room – with the bulbous ribbon structure around each bulb creating a wave which runs through the light as it hits each item in and around your room. Read more…

The end result is a light which softens and curves with the contours of the lamp and the room – creating a soft and welcoming environment as you move from day into evening.

The Harmony ribbon lighting collection includes a number of lamps and lampshades to choose from, depending on your requirements and lighting preferences – with a ceiling light and an assortment of three different table lights with different shapes, structures, and sizes.

Whether you want something small and decorative to sit on a tabletop, or a larger feature which will elevate the look of your entire space, this is a collection which combines high level usability and a decorative aesthetic to create something unique and playful for your home.

Available in a neutral off-white, a soft grey, and a black structure, this lighting selection is built for the modern home.

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