Hector Lamp Range

Brass table lamp with dome-shaped shade and round marble base
Hector Table Lamp, Antique Brass/Black
The dome-shaped shade can be adjusted to focus light where you need it. Available with brass finish on a black base or satin nickel with a white marble base.
W18 × D42 × H46 cm
Brass table lamp with dome-shaped head
Hector Wireless Charging Desk Lamp, Antique Brass
Available with an all brass or chrome finish, the base can be used with the cable provided or placed on a charging mat wherever you need it.
W16 × D43 × H53 cm
Brass floor lamp with dome-shaped shade
Hector Mini Floor Lamp, Brass
Available with an all brass or satin nickel finish, features a compact, space-saving design and fully adjustable shade.
W42 × D28 × H150 cm
Floor lamp with brass stem and dome-shaped shade with a black base
Hector Floor Lamp, Antique Brass/Black
Available with an antique brass and black or satin nickel with a white marble base, providing adjustable overhead lighting right where you want it.
W106 × D31 × H210 cm
Black floor lamp with arched stem and dome-shape shade
Hector Arched Floor Lamp, Black
With an all black finish, an extended arched stem and adjustable dome-shaped shade, this option provides a contemporary and versatile lighting solution for the living room or home office.
W35 × D35 × H109 cm
Oversized lamps are big business in modern home styling and interior decorating. That’s why, when it comes to choosing your perfect lamp – whether it’s for a surface, a desk, a side table, or your floor, opting for an oversized finish is key for creating harmony and balance in the space. Read more…

The Hector lamp boasts a simple finish which perfectly compliments the modern use of texture and detail in home decoration – with the gold metal finish giving it a high class and elegant feel regardless of the room it is in.

From there, it’s all about functionality and where you want your lamp to live – with the Hector collection boasting a simple desk lamp, a more complex desk lamp with built-in base charger, a simple floor lamp with a small overhang, or a sweeping and curved floor lamp which spreads out into the surrounding space and combines the gold metal casing with a black stand for optimum durability and safety.

And that’s not all. The Hector collection is designed to give the modern buyer a choice in the aesthetic finish – also offering a completely black finish, and a white marble unit for those who want a little extra style.

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