Meena Fretwork Lighting

Metal fretwork ceiling light
Meena Fretwork Steel Ceiling Light
W40 × D40 × H25 cm
Round metal table lamp
Meena Table Lamp
W15 × D15 × H26 cm
Round metal floor lamp
Meena Light Effects Floor Lamp
W20 × D20 × H123 cm
Lighting is often used in and around the home to set the tone, to create a specific atmosphere, and to soften the edges of a modern or a more traditionally decorated space. In the case of the Meena Fretwork lighting solutions, not only does lighting soften the surrounding space but it presents a delicate and ornate decorative style which reflects onto every surface and wall in sight. Read more…

With two layers built into each piece in the collection, the first a blank canvas surrounding the bulb while the second is an intricately cut metal shade with patterning and detail, the glare of the light is minimised and then given an extra hit of decorative flair thanks to the exterior shade.

Whether you select the floor lamp, the table lamp, or the ceiling lamp shade, this complex structure affords the room it is in a far more delicate finish which is ideally suited to bedrooms, living spaces, and large open plan rooms with little in the way of decorative design.

The two layers are made from linen on the inside and cut steel on the outside, with the white linen in particular warming up the glow of the light and providing the ideal blank canvas on which the shadow from the steel frame can be presented and reflected.

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