Tala Alumina Spherical Ceiling Lights

With lighting playing such an important role in the way a room or space is presented, affecting both the decoration and the surrounding environment, statement lights are on-trend with a plethora of options now available across the market.

And what better way to transform your light source into a decorative accessory than with these bold spherical lights – available as single bulbs, in a trio of three, or in a nine-pendant cluster.

Single spherical ceiling light
Tala Alumina Single Pendant Ceiling Light
Diam. 50cm x H93cm x 3m max drop
Set of 3 spherical ceiling lights
Tala Alumina Triple Pendant Cluster Ceiling Light
Each Pendant Diam. 50cm x H93cm x 3m max drop
Cluster of nine spherical ceiling lights
Tala Alumina Nine Pendant Cluster Ceiling Light
Each Pendant Diam. 50cm x H93cm x 5m max drop
Called pendants for their statement look and the way they hang from the ceiling, these lights are adjustable in terms of their drop height which means that whether you have one, three, or nine bulbs, you can adjust the way they sit in your space according to the way the room is used. Read more…

In addition, the thin wire from which the pendant is hung enables the minimalist finish, while the dusky white and chalky exterior of each pendant creates a bright but atmospheric flow of light throughout the space.

Easy to maintain and adjust for your own home or interior space, these drop ceiling lights are versatile and stylish, perfect for creating a focal point in a living space or elevating the decoration around and above your dining table.

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