Lexton Ceiling Light

Ceiling light with glass rods and circular brass frame
Lexton Chandelier Ceiling Light
H140 × Dia.40 cm
Large round glass chandelier with brass frame
Lexton XL Pendant Ceiling Light
H140 × Dia.55 cm
Rectangular glass rod chandelier with brass frame
Lexton Over Diner Ceiling Light
W23 × D80 × H140 cm

Are you looking for a ceiling light which will become a showstopper in your home?
Light fittings, while incredibly functional throughout the home, have the power to make or break the overall presentation and style of an interior space – impacting everything from brightness to the balance of illuminated and shaded areas within the room. Read more…

Ceiling lights are typically considered the go-to in most rooms, supplemented by table and floor lamps which inject cosy energy into certain areas and corners of the room. However, if you choose the Lexton ceiling light collection, you can rest assured that your room will transform in front of your eyes.

This collection of ceiling lights takes the functional benefits of lighting to the next level, shrouding the bulb in a chandelier of glass detailing which fractures and pushes the light in different directions effortlessly.

Not only does this illuminate the room in a unique way, but it doubles as a decorative accessory itself – something which is further enhanced by the gold metallic frame which holds the light fitting in place.

Available in a single round or a longer oval-shaped design, to help you find the perfect match for your home.

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