Ripples Ceiling Light

Ceiling lights with spherical glass pendants featuring a rippled surface
Create the illusion of light orbs suspended from your ceiling, with this multi-element rippled glass ceiling light fitting…
Rippled glass ceiling lights
W32 × D32 × H25 cm

If you’re looking for a ceiling light fitting which is perfect for a dining room or large kitchen, a grand hallway or an elegant living space, then the Ripples ceiling light could well be the perfect solution for you. Read more…

Boasting a multi-drop design which delivers a cluster of bulbs and golden details, all hanging from the same fitting at different heights, this light is the ultimate focal point – bringing the light source further down into your room to make it feel warmer and like an integrated part of the overall design.

Cleverly combining the rippled glass spheres with golden metallic spheres, not only does the structure itself form an integral part of your interior design but the flow of light is also impacted and used as part of the aesthetic grandeur.

The ripples across the glass, married with the rounded spherical shades surrounding each bulb, mean that the light flows in waves around the room – bouncing off of the golden spheres in a soft and warm glow.

The super thin stems from which the lights and supporting accessories are hung creates a clever illusion, whereby it appears as if the different pieces of the light fitting are all suspended in the air.

The perfect talking point for your home, which delivers practical benefits and aesthetic elegance.

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