Tom Dixon Pendant Lighting

Ribbed glass pendant ligh fitting
Tom Dixon Press Lighting
Bold, ribbed glass designer ceiling lights in conical or spherical form…
Cone shaped glass light fitting
Tom Dixon Press LED Cone Pendant Ceiling Light
Diam. 34cm x H30 cm x Drop 250cm
Spherical ribbed glass light fitting
Tom Dixon Press LED Sphere Pendant Ceiling Light
Diam. 30cm x H30 cm x Drop 250cm
When it comes to decorating and dressing a space, whether a bedroom, dining room, living area, or hallway, lighting forms a massive part of not only how functional that space is, but how it is presented. Read more…

With the right lighting, a bland room can become warm and cosy, intimate, or bright and enticing, almost instantly – which is why selecting the right light fittings is a core part of an interior project.

Enter the Tom Dixon pendant lights. Made entirely from glass with a perfect round-ribbed edge across every design in the collection, these pendant lights contain your light bulb in the centre and reflect the light outwards throughout the room with the kind of twinkling that is usually reserved for fairy lights.

Simple but highly decorative when turned on, the ribbed effect of the pendant means that the light is fractured as it shines, creating linear patterns on the surrounding walls and turning the entire space into a work of art that shifts and changes as the natural daylight wanes and moves across the room.

Available in a double-sided cone or a rounded bulb shape, these pendants are suitable for any and all settings and can be paired with your choice of bulb colour and light intensity.

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