Laura Ashley Vienna Crystal Lighting

Crystal table lamp
Laura Ashley Vienna Crystal Table Lamp
Diam.13 × H30 cm
Crystal floor lamp
Laura Ashley Vienna Crystal Floor Lamp
Diam.30 × H154 cm
Crystal ceiling light
Laura Ashley Vienna Ceiling Light
Diam.48 × H47 cm
Crystal ceiling shade
Laura Ashley Vienna Crystal Glass Easy-to-Fit Ceiling Shade
Diam.22 × H18 cm

Lighting has always been an integral part of any interior design scheme and can make or break the way that a room is both perceived and decorated.
The Laura Ashley Vienna Crystal lighting collection not only embodies the importance of lighting design but offers a finish which not only stands out as an accessory, but which transforms the way the room is lit at different times of the day. Read more…

Each item, from the table lamp to the handing ceiling chandelier-style light, is made up of a round set of elongated crystals, which surround the light bulb in a 360 degree fashion.

These crystals cause the glow of light to become fractured, creating patterns on the walls and surrounding surfaces, and altering the way that the light is presented depending on the time of day and the placement of the lamp or light fittings.

In addition to the way that the crystals break up and reflect the light in different directions, this collection of light fittings adds its own aesthetic value to the space – combining luxurious details with a stylish design and a vibe which compliments contemporary or more eclectic setting.

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