Nayan Garden Seating

White rattan outdoor armchair and sofa
Nayan Woven Garden Armchair
W83 × D79 × H79 cm – £595
2 Seater Woven Garden Sofa
W152 × D79 × H79 cm – £875
White rattan garden corner sofa
Nayan Woven Garden Corner Sofa
W183 × D79 × H79 cm
Dressing an outdoor area can often become an overwhelming task, with a multitude of colours and textures coming together to create a unique but comfortable space.

In a move away from the generic vibrant colours and wooden materials, the Nayan garden seating range blends a neutral colour palette with the soft texture of a rattan weave – presenting an armchair, sofa, and L-shaped lounge sofa which would not look out of place in a high end interior space. READ MORE…

Made for the garden with their durable materials and weatherproof finish, these items are all sturdy and high in quality, but present the luxurious aesthetic of furniture which can transition between the inside and outside space of a modern home.

Complete with fitted seat cushions and a scatterback cushion selection to lean against, each of these sofas and armchairs adds class and simple elegance to any outdoor space – instantly making your home more refined.

Best of all, because the backrest of each seat is made from scatterback cushions, adding some colour is easy – allowing you to upgrade and add some extra life to the outdoor atmosphere of your home when entertaining or when you have guests over.

Just make sure you keep the red wine away from the white sofa cushions…

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