Infinity Cane Garden Furniture

Woven cane garden furniture set
Infinity Cane Garden Furniture
Woven cane armchair with cream cushions
Infinity Cane Garden Lounge Chair
W71 × D70 × H79 cm
Woven cane garden sofa with cream cushions
Infinity Cane 2-Seater Garden Sofa
W148 × D75 × H79 cm
Round woven cane coffee table with glass top
Infinity Cane Garden Coffee Table
W75 × D75 × H38 cm

If you are dressing a small garden, area of patio, or even a balcony, then you may find the delicate structure of the Infinity Cane garden furniture collection is right up your street. Read more…

Combining the use of thin canes, wrapped around the delicate frame, with curved edges and a delicate design spanning the outside of the structure, this collection of furnishings is as decorative as it is functional. Here’s why.

First thing’s first, the incredibly open structure which spans the entire frame of the Infinity Cane outside chairs and sofas means that none of the furnishings hold any water. This lets them drain quickly even amidst a downpour, ensuring that no lasting damage occurs if you forget to bring them in or cover them at night.

The table boasts the same cane wrapped frame, but with a layer of glass set atop the structure – making it easy to wipe clean and maintain with ease.

Best of all, all of these different furnishings within the broad collection present the same patterning across the frame, making this the perfect set of furnishings for those outside spaces that you want to enhance and decorate.

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