ANYDAY Acacia Wood Garden Furniture

Foldable wood bistro table with 2 matching chairs
ANYDAY Acacia Wood Foldable 2-Seater Garden Bistro Table & Chairs Set
Table: W60 × D60 × H73 cm
Chairs: W42 × D48 × H77 cm
Foldable outdoor table with 4 matching chairs
ANYDAY Acacia Wood Foldable 4-Seater Garden Dining Table & Chairs Set
Table: W110 × D70 × H74 cm
Chairs: W42 × D48 × H77 cm
Outdoor lounging sofa, 2 armchairs and a coffee table
ANYDAY Acacia Wood 4-Seater Garden Lounge Set
Sofa: W116 × D64 × H72 cm
Chairs W60 × D64 × H72 cm
Table: W75 × D50 × H35 cm
Foldable acacia wood garden bench
ANYDAY Acacia Wood Foldable 2-Seater Garden Bench
W120 × D55 × H89 cm
Steamer-style garden chair
ANYDAY Acacia Wood Foldable Garden Steamer Chair
W59 × D146 × H98 cm
Sun lounger with wooden frame and grey cushion
ANYDAY Acacia Wood Sun Lounger
W60 × D199 × H88 cm

Garden furniture is a great way to complete your outdoor space and add decorative flair to your garden or patio. But with that comes a need for your chosen furniture to be functional, accessible, and most of all easy to store away when the winter months arrive. Read more…

The ANYDAY Acacia wood garden furniture set has been carefully crafted with maximum practicality in mind – in so far as the entire collection (except for the corner sofa set) can be folded up and stored away.

What this means is that homeowners can invest in multiple different pieces and benefit from easy storage at the end of the season, folding the chairs, tables, and even the bench up into a flat pack finish to place in a shed or storage unit.

Beyond this incredibly practical design feature of the ANYDAY Acacia set, homeowners herald the plain light wood design and the fact that each piece in the collection can be enhanced with cushions, throws, and decorative features.

A diverse range which is made to compliment any and every outdoor space or setting, made from durable and long-lasting acacia wood. Gold-coloured screws are used to fix and hold and various components together, creating that timeless natural aesthetic.

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