LG Outdoor Bergen Garden Furniture

Woven sandy grey chairs and bistro table
LG Outdoor Bergen 2-Seat Round Garden Bistro Table & Armchairs Set
Table: W800 × D80 × H73 cm
Chairs: W62 × D68 × H9086 cm
Woven wicker sofa, a pair of matching chairs with a matching outdoor dining table and 2 stools
LG Outdoor Bergen 7-Seat Garden Lounging & Dining Set
Sofa: W190 × D80 × H90 cm
Table: W155 × D95 × H68 cm
Chairs: W70 × D80 × H90 cm
Outdoor woven wicker dining set with a corner sofa, dining table and two stools
LG Outdoor Bergen 7-Seat Modular Garden Lounging Set
Sofa 1: W204 × D78 × H90 cm
Sofa 2: W125 × D78 × H90 cm
Table: W100 × D100 × H68 cm
Outdoor woven wicker dining set with a corner sofa, table and 2 benches
LG Outdoor Bergen 8-Seat Modular Garden Lounging Set
Sofa 1: W140 × D78 × H90 cm
Sofa 2: W125 × D78 × H90 cm
Table: W120 × D120 × H68 cm
Round wicker dining set with a curved sofa and bench plus a round dining table
LG Outdoor Bergen 10-Seat Round Modular Garden Lounging Set
Sofas: W200 × D95 × H90 cm
Table: W130 × D130 × H70 cm
A pair of woven wicker garden loungers
LG Outdoor Bergen 2-Seat Garden Side Table & Reclining Chairs with Footstools Set
Chairs: W61 × D76 × H107 cm
Table: W40 × D49 × H47 cm
Footstools: W61 × D56 × H48 cm
A vast collection of garden furniture solutions which tick every box, the LG Outdoor Bergen collection brings together dining solutions with relaxing seating options, sofas, modular lounge sets, and even a large 10-seater circular sofa which surrounds a table. READ MORE…

Each piece in the collection boasts the same light coloured and stylish rattan weave frame, topped with the neutral cream cushions which integrate well in any outdoor space – whether it’s decked, patio, or a grass garden.

The tables all use the same rattan frame around the metal structure, with the surface created with finesse – topping a silvered oak effect stretch of material with glass for easy maintenance and a flat, stylish surface.

One of the best things about this collection is the versatility of each piece and each garden furniture set, particularly those made with modular seating which allows the owner to create different configurations and layouts according to their outdoor space and the way they want to use it.

Durable, long lasting, and built to withstand all weather conditions (provided you remove the cushions when not in use), this is a garden collection that you can use year after year, and which will always look great.

All you need now is some sunshine and some friends to invite over for drinks.

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