3 great garden improvements to add value to your home

Outside decking

With the economy in the state it is in Britain at the moment, we all need to be thinking of ways in which we can save money in and around the home. And the same rules apply when it comes to making garden improvements.

Within this article I intend on giving you three very useful garden improvements that will not only improve your home, but also add a reasonable amount to its valuation, and the benefits of doing so.

Add a gorgeous garden room to your home

With a garden room you can literally do anything you want, or have always dreamed of. Whether you are looking at creating a garden room just the right size for your perfect home office or one large enough to install that gorgeous kitchen you have always wanted, a garden room fits the bill.

The garden room is one of the most stunning and well worth garden improvements to date in my opinion, with people making the absolute most of essentially adding a new room to your home.

Some of the most popular ideas include things like a perfect home gym, a stylish getaway for you and the partner, or even a great little hideout for your children.

If you intend on selling your home one day, adding a garden room is one of the most successful improvements. Looking at it from a surveyor’s point of view, buyers or estate agents the garden room is an extra room and also a huge selling point to any home.

The increase in valuation of your home will be largely greater than the price you pay for the installation of such a piece of designer genius.

Unlike the creation of the conservatory which due to planning permission and also building regulations the garden room can literally be as big or small as you want.

The conservatory

Now deemed as one of the most common, yet popular home and garden improvements in Britain the conservatory has developed a lot other the years, and again adds a great amount of new living space and valuation to your home.

Seen as a fairly expensive improvement at the beginning of any project but in the long term the conservatory will make your home a more ‘buyable’ one.

If your conservatory is well thought out, decorated and formatted it is highly likely that you will be seeing a huge rise in your home valuation so in essence it is well worth your time and effort.

Although we have terrible weather in Britain for most months of the year a conservatory is a garden improvement that you can enjoy whatever the weather, and this is a huge reason for me including it within my top 3 garden improvements.

Improving or adding a decking area

When the sun is shining in Britain, a decking area is a place that we will enjoy probably more than any other part of your home. With the chance of an outdoor living area a very attractive idea.

By adding a new paint colour to your run down decking area you can provide your garden with the life it once had, along with this adding a decking area is one of the cheaper yet most effective improvements there are for gardens.

With some simple landscape gardening when creating a nice decking area it is like your home will improve in valuation fairly drastically compared to the money it costs to create.

When any potential buyer, surveyor or estate agent views your home, seeing a nice decking or even patio will mean one less home improvement to worry about, keeping your valuation as high as possible!

Adding things such as modern outdoor furniture can add elegance and style to your garden and is not a largely expensive task at all, something well worth doing in my opinion.

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