3 great ways of improving your conservatory

A conservatory full of plants

The conservatory has become a popular choice for so many home owners in the last decade or so and why not? With the view of adding an extra room to your home and the substantial increase on your homes valuation the conservatory is a great choice.

But so many people struggle when it comes to making the conservatory feel like part of their home, in this article I intend to give you three easy ways in which you can improve your conservatory.

Choosing the right furniture

The furniture in any part of your home is vital to the mood and tone we fill when entering and it is no different when it comes to your conservatory.

Rattan furniture is a very popular choice in the conservatory simply because it is sophisticated and also stylish, not mentioning the fact it is very easy to maintain also.

But you need to be careful when choosing furniture to suit, ensure that it fits well with the décor in the conservatory but also be wary that it doesn’t over rule any theme that is also set.

Sometimes people prefer an abstract look to their conservatories and adding a bit of interior design is a great way of making the room more eye catching and something which I definitely would advise to anyone.

Why not add a few abstract and interesting features to your conservatory that will make the room feel worthwhile?

For example adding some ornaments that stand out is a great idea along with some colourful photographs and maybe even a different rug too your normal choice can make the conservatory the focal point of your home.

Get the right flooring

Flooring can sometimes be a problem when it comes to the conservatory because ideally you want this extra room of your home to match the room next to it, however this sometimes can be a stumbling block and you shouldn’t worry too much!

Bear in mind how cold your conservatory gets in a cold month and think in great depth whether under floor heating would be a good idea, in most cases it is. Yet this is an expensive purchase in most cases and cannot always be afforded.

So if you need a way of making your conservatory feel warmer and cosy in your summer months then adding a lovely snug carpet or just a fluffy rug are both cost effective ways of doing so. Although the rug is not heat conserving it will add a more homely and warmer feel to the place and is for what you pay, a great addition to your conservatory.

Adding a lick of paint

This is a great cost effective way of improving your conservatory, with the right eye, you will be able to create any theme or tone you want within. If you intend on using your conservatory more in the summer months of the year then think about using pale greens and blues to give a refreshing feel.

Or if you want to go the other way and you feel your conservatory is going to be a place in which you can snuggle up as a family in the winter months, then think about warmer colours such as browns, reds and gold.

Before doing anything I would advise if you want to set a theme in your room then the painting should be your first task, as afterwards you can build the room you want around this finding appropriate bits and pieces such as photographs, rugs and also anything else you wanted in your conservatory.

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