Freeing up Space With Under Floor Heating

Wooden floor

Thinking about under floor heating but not sure if it is worth it? Read on and find out why you should make the investment and find out how it can help both you and your family.


Under floor heating sounds like a luxurious addition to a modern home. You get to walk around barefoot in winter without wincing for one and the house retains a warm cosy environment year round! But there is so much more to it than just that. The Romans were onto something when they adopted this intelligent heating system.

So what exactly are the benefits of under floor heating and why should you bother installing it in your home? Here are some reasons to justify the expense:

Energy Efficiency

We should all be doing whatever we can to save the environment. Everyday we hear about the importance of reducing our carbon footprint. Installing under floor heating is one way that you can help the environment and one unexpected side-effect that you might also appreciate, is a lower heating bill!

Why? Well the fact is that with under floor heating you can warm a house to a cosy 24 C – 27 C with water which is significantly cooler than that needed by radiators. This results in an efficient heating system, saved energy output and a reduced heating bill for you.

Better Quality Air

If you or anyone in your family suffer with breathing disorders or even from arthritis, under floor heating can help you lead a better life. With this system you don’t have to heat the air and this means that the overall humidity is not affected. The air is not made as dry and the levels of condensation are also reduced.

Less Cleaning

Once the initial installation is over with, under floor heating is extremely unobtrusive. There is simply nothing that you have to clean or take care of. Just think – all your worries are taken away! Nothing has to be repainted or bled and you also don’t have to worry about younger members of the family touching any hot surfaces by mistake.

A Major Plus

Improved air quality and reduced heating bills are definitely two major plus points for under floor heating. There is however one more that has not yet been mentioned – the extra space that it creates.

Take away those radiators and radiator covers and you have just increased the space of your room. Now there are endless furniture configurations you can try out, without radiators getting in the way, not to mention the extra space you have on the walls! Hang up those paintings; push the couch to touch the old radiator wall and before you know it, your rooms will be looking bigger and fresher.

Getting rid of radiators and storage heaters can have a huge impact. If you have strived to create a stylish home, the very existence of the unattractive heating devices would have detracted considerably from your home’s look. Painting them and installing expensive wooden covers may have helped somewhat but would never have provided you with complete solutions to the problem.

Under floor heating completely eliminates that particular headache. Now you are fully able to create that dream look for your home. In rooms where space is at a premium, such as in the kitchen or bathroom, those bulky storage heaters can be removed and a whole new aspect can be created. Now you are no longer limited by where you can put the towel rack or how you layout your kitchen units – you now have the ultimate choice.

Financial Savings

Under floor heating is not new. The Romans were fervent believers in the efficiency of an under floor system. Now, in times where the environment and air quality are becoming increasingly important issues, it is the time to consider installing it in your home.

The initial cost might seem high but when you consider the savings in your heating bill, not to mention the benefits to your and your family’s health, it makes perfect sense.

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