Brabantia Linn Compact Clothes Rail & Dressboy

Freestanding compact clothes rail with black frame and shelf
Brabantia Linn Compact Clothes Rail
W34 × D48 × H170 cm
Ladder-style clothes rail
Brabantia Linn Dressboy
W38 × D6 × H168 cm

With so many clothes rails and storage solutions on the market, finding one to suit your space can become quite overwhelming.
The Brabantia Linn clothes rail is unique in that the structure and frame of the clothes rail is incredibly compact – making it the ideal rail for organised individuals who want to hang out their outfit for the following day or make a design statement with their favourite outfit. Read more…

With space for only a few select hangers, this compact clothes rail boasts the height and shape of a classic clothes rail but with a reduced width.

What this does is create a finish which is as much about aesthetics and design as it is about the purpose of the rail – with many homeowners using this as an additional storage space alongside a larger wardrobe.

The Dressboy, meanwhile, stands tall against your chosen wall or surface – with a single hook at the top and a series of rails underneath onto which you can hang a standout outfit or accessory.

This set is typically favoured by those who want to use clothes and accessories as part of their home design and décor, particularly in minimalist homes packed with neutral colours and the benefit of layered textures.

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