Skim Clothes Rail & Shoe Rack

A-frame ash wood clothes rail with curved white shelf
ANYDAY Skim Clothes Rail
W165 × D105 × H54 cm
2-tier shoe rack with ash frame and curved white shelves
ANYDAY Skim Shoe Rack
W45 × D35 × H95 cm

If you’re looking for a clothes storage solution which puts your favourite outfits on show, and which makes your personal possessions a part of your interior décor, then look no further than the Skim range of furnishings.
This range, which includes a clothes rail and matching shoe rack, is incredibly modern and minimalist by design – featuring natural wood frames and a white coated surface across the shoe rack shelves and the base of the clothes rail. Read more…

To start with the clothes rail, this item is used for hanging your clothes up – either as part of your preparation for the next day or to make a statement with particular colours and fabrics.

The frame of the rail is incredibly simple and sits a rounded pole across the top of the legs, which meet on either side to create a kind of A-frame.

The white shelf towards the base is ideal for bags and other accessories, while the rail across the back holds everything in place and supports the rail’s stability.

The shoe rack is a basic two-layer structure with wooden legs and two white surfaces onto which you can line up your shoes.

A smaller version of the clothes rail, the idea is that homeowners can invest in both pieces to enhance the storage capacity of their home.

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