west elm Rugs

Patterned bedroom rug
west elm Verve Rug
L244 × W152 & L305 × W244
£279 – £647
Patterned rug
west elm Stone Tile Rug
L244 × W152 & L300 × W244
£321 – £727
Patterned dining room rug
west elm Traverse Rug
L244 × W152 & L305 × W244
£449 – £799

A rug has the power to completely transform an interior space, whether it be adding pops of colour to a neutral space, adding texture and soft furnished accessories to a minimalist and modern space, or pulling a wide colour scheme together with common themes and aesthetic details in an eclectic home. READ MORE…

The West Elm collection is built on quality, presenting a selection of luxurious and intricate patterns which blend textural details with colours for a truly stand out finish – especially with regards to the popular Verve, Stone Tile, and Traverse rugs which lean heavily on soft greys and relaxing blue details for a finish fit for every home.

Reminiscent of summertime colour palettes, hazy beaches, and exotic furnishings, these three rugs all add a new dimension which is perfect for a rustic home filled with wood materials, or a modern home with white and angular details – turning even the largest of rooms into an interior showstopper.

And as always, it’s not all in the aesthetic presentation. As well as looking high end and elegant, these rugs all boast a soft touch finish which oozes luxury and becomes a treat for both the feet and the eyes – whether you place your rug in front of your favourite armchair, beside the sofa, or in the centre of the room.

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