Fusion Rugs

Whether you’re covering a patch of unloved carpet, looking to add warmth to a cold tile floor, or hoping to infuse a little colour into an otherwise bland or overly neutral space, rugs offer both aesthetic and functional value in equal balance.

This collection of Fusion rugs take this one step further, with the pure wool and cotton blend of one rug, and the 100% woven wool finish of the other, presenting a soft, inviting texture underfoot.

Eastern-style pattern rug
Fusion Souk Kelim Rug
Pure Wool/Cotton Blend
Available in 4 sizes
£150 – £350
Eastern-style pattern rug
Fusion Manisa Kelim Rug
100% woven wool
Available in 4 sizes
£120 – £350

The collection rugs boasts two main designs, both of which tap into the increasing desire for ornate and intricate patterns across modern interiors, specifically integrating such decorative furnishings and accessories into neutrally decorated homes. Read more…

Geometric shapes make up a core part of the design structure of these rugs, while the use of different colours adds a playful energy – all of which has been hand crafted by producers in India and purchased directly from them for the Western market, as part of the retailers charity work.

Existing buyers herald this rug for its intricate design and the toned down colours which add an air of authenticity to the overall appearance of the piece.

Perfect for an open plan living space or a bedroom, these rugs will warm your home – in more ways than one.

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