Lift Top Draftsman Desk

Vintage style mango wood desk
This vintage-style desk has been designed in collaboration with The Natural History Museum. Made from solid mango desk with antique metal cup handles and black iron work
Lift top desk
The top lifts to reveal a hidden storage section and can be propped open in 3 height positions
Desk drawer compartments
A pair of drawers, also with storage compartments, provide yet more storage
Finding the perfect desk can be difficult, particularly when you need it to deliver all the functionality of a working desk but still fit into the chosen aesthetic of your home and its interior style. Read more…

This desk not only gives off a very vintage vibe, but thanks to the input from the Natural History Museum it puts a spotlight on the features of an olden times lift top desk with the hidden storage under the main surface of the desk able to be propped open at three different angles depending on what you’re storing and how you need to access the space.

Interestingly, the desk opens from the back while ensures optimum stability from the front edge during use and conceals the catch so that the storage under the surface really is well hidden from those who don’t know it’s there.

The desk also features two drawers which are built into the front of the structure, allowing shallow but functional space for your desk and work accessories.

Whether you pair this vintage styled desk with a very modern surrounding space and a luxurious chair or play into its old world vibes and create your very own traditional workspace, this desk is high in quality and makes the perfect statement in your home office.

W120 × D60 × H77 cm

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