Soren Desk

Mid-century style desk and bookshelves
Soren Desk

If you’re looking for a home office desk which will instantly elevate your workspace, making the room feel bigger while presenting you with a large surface, storage, and tons of space for natural light to flow in and around you as you work, then look no further than the Soren desk.

Acorn colour desk with 2 floating drawers and faux leather top
Soren Desk
W135 × D65 × H76 cm

With a faux leather top and natural wood structure with a deep walnut coloured finish, this desk is sophisticated and stylish, and fits with the modern affinity for minimalist furnishings and lots of empty spaces. READ MORE…

Popular with home workers not just for its aesthetic but for the added features and the maximised under-desk leg room space provided, this desk can be mixed and matched with complimentary wooden surroundings and office furnishings or placed into an eclectic office of different materials – integrating seamlessly into any working environment.

The two under-desk floating drawers offer additional storage which is easily accessible from the user’s position in a desk chair – both able to be unhooked and moved to either side of the desk, either stacked atop each other or separated and placed one at either end.

With the faux leather top and simple structural design, this desk is easy to clean, lightweight and easy to move around according to your design preference and layout, and durable for long lasting use.

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