Henley Desk

Contemporary oak desk with concealed storage
Henley Desk Oak
Modern desk with walnut finish
Henley Desk Walnut

One of the hallmarks of modern living is clean lines and clear surfaces – a trend which is becoming increasingly popular across offices and working spaces as well. They say that a clean desk equals a clean mind, and there is no desk better suited to this idea than the Henley desk. Read more…

Specially designed to maximise the availability of surface space for all your documents and work accessories, this desk combines its smooth surface and lightly angled frame with a series of concealed storage spaces along the front and across the back of the desk.

In terms of storage, a shallow compartment runs along the width of the desk with hinges which can hold it open, while the front of the desk is enhanced with two wide drawers which open outwards.

The surface itself is otherwise level and smooth, highlighting the definition in the natural wood grain and delivering on that simple but aesthetically pleasing finish.

The legs are angled and boast a supportive structure which holds the desk stable and level even with an open front to create plenty of leg room.

Available in a couple of different wood finishes to give homeowners a choice of grain pattern and colouring.

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