ercol Shalstone Desk

Oak desk with storage hutch and spindle legs
ercol Shalstone Desk
W100 × D60 × H87 cm
Sometimes the simplest pieces are the most effective, as is the case with this oak-crafted desk.
Despite having no standout colours or materials aside from the natural oak, this desk manages to create a stylish and minimalist home vibe with built in drawers, storage spaces, and plenty of surface for working and spreading out. Read more…

With a four-legged frame, this desk can be integrated into your home as it is, or it can be painted and finished with your desired aesthetic effects to really make it your own.

The desk may be simply in aesthetic looks and colour, but it is anything but bland once you get into the structure and functionality of each area.

The backing board gives the desk a straight edged surface to sit against, while the built in drawers rise up out of the surface of the desk to create two heightened stands for display items or reminders.

The backboard also boasts a cut out in the centre, which is the perfect size and location for wires, enabling you to run wires out of the back of your laptop or computer and run them to a plug socket in the wall without them lying across or all over your desk.

The height of the desk has been finished at the optimum height for an average user sitting in an office chair, while the legs are finished with a very minor outward slant to optimise the under-desk space for movement and comfortable seating.

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