Case Celine Desk

Whether you’re updating a home office, looking to inspire children or teenagers to get better at doing their homework, or seeking an aesthetically stylish desk from which to organise life admin and documents for the home, the Case Celine desk is a refined, elegant, and modern addition to any home – boasting a mixture of natural wood and a white drawer frontage panel which keeps it looking clean and modern.

The white fronted drawer, which stretches across two thirds of the desk, offers concealed storage and plenty of space for documents and desk accessories – while the open fronted shelf which utilises the remaining third of the under-surface space is perfect for slotting in any items you want to keep safe but close to hand and with each access. Read more…

The structure of the desk is simple, with the surface and main body of the piece mounted on four angled legs which allow you to make optimal use of the leg space underneath.

Available in a pale oak or a darker walnut wood, this desk is finished with a very simple look – leaning as much on the natural patterning of the wood as the balanced and elegant structure of the desk.

Ideal for work and able to double as a stylish piece for your home, this desk is built to last and can be accessorised and decorated in any way that inspires you.

W110 × D55 × H75 cm

28.5 Kg

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