Rattan Side Table & Coffee Table

Black round side table with woven rattan shelf
Rattan Side Table
W50 × D50 × H50 cm
Black coffee table with woven rattan shelf
Black Rattan Coffee Table
W120 × D30 × H43 cm
Black console table with rounded edges and a woven rattan lower shelf
Rattan Console Table
W120 × D40 × H75 cm
Combining the modern with the rustic, this collection of living room tables – including a side table and coffee table – uses rattan layering with a contemporary twist in the form of the static black frame and elegant gold metal detailing. Read more…

As an efficient and functional solution to living space storage and presentation space, both the side table and coffee table in this collection are made up of two layers – one a natural colour rattan surrounded by a black border, and the top layer a simple black coated wood which matches the rest of the frame.

Ornate old metal pins hold the rattan layer to the rest of the frame, lightening the overall presentation and adding an elegant twist which brightens up the overall structure.

The side table juxtaposes its modern colouring and design flair with a rounded circular frame and design, softening the overall aesthetic of the piece.

Similarly, the coffee table boasts the same rounded edges and round table legs – which are angled away from the structure for optimum stability on all surfaces.

Simple and modern, this side table and coffee table collection is designed to become a feature in your living space – with the black and natural colour palette making both pieces easy to integrate in with the rest of your space.

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