Ercol Pebble Coffee Tables

Pair of nesting oval coffee tables
Ercol Pebble Pair of Coffee Tables – Vintage Ash
Available in 2 sizes
W52/67 × D38/51 × H36/40 cm
From £770
Set of 3 nesting coffee table with a black finish
Pebble Nest of Coffee Tables – Black Ash
W36/52/67 × D36/38/52 × H33/36/40 cm
From £875
Oval shaped 3-legged coffee table
Ercol Pebble Coffee Table – Vintage Ash
W67 × D51 × H40 cm
From £515

There’s something intrinsically modern about a table or surface which combines straight legs and a clean-edged surface with a curved structure and overall shape – bridging contemporary design with the hallmarks of modern living. Read more…

Somehow, these tables meet the gold standard for modern design with an angular profile, while the juxtaposing curved shape of the table from above serves to soften the surrounding space.

Crafted from wood with angled legs and a smooth, varnished surface, these tables are available in a range of different sizes and finishes.

Homeowners can choose from a statement coffee table, a duo of tables which stack imperfectly, or a nest of three tables which can be stacked or separated for use throughout your home.

One of the great things about this set is that when stacked, the duo and nest of tables in turn do not perfectly align but fit together in unique harmony.

The offset aesthetic when stacked means that these tables become a form of art and interior decoration completely effortlessly.

Choose from a black painted surface or a natural wood varnished finish to compliment your surrounding décor and space – with these tables the ideal addition to a living space, home office, or even a hallway.

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