Swyft Model 09 Sofas

Ivory fabric love seat
Swyft Model 09 Chesterfield Loveseat, Boucle Ivory
W108 × D88 × H76 cm
From £1,399
Linen fabric 2-seater sofa
Swyft Model 09 Chesterfield Medium 2-Seater Sofa, Soft Linen Silk
W190 × D88 × H76 cm
From £2,399
Spruce fabric 3-seater sofa
Swyft Model 09 Chesterfield Large 3-Seater Sofa, Chenille Spruce
W205 × D88 × H76 cm
From £2,099

If you’re dressing a modern home and want to bridge modern design influences with touches of traditional interior style, then look no further than the Swyft Model 09 collection of sofas and armchairs. Designed with a consistent line across the back and sides of each seat, the shape of these chairs is low and squat – yet this by no means impacts the design flair present across each piece. Read more…

From the curved edge which runs across the sides and back of each chair, to the button detailing present across the backrest, the touches of interior tradition make this a stylish and unique addition to the home.

And it’s not just the shape itself which fuses old and new style – the same can be said of the colour palettes which adorn this collection, and the choice of fabrics, which ranges from a popular soft-touch boucle to a more hard-wearing chenille.

Available in soft ivory and black, the modern colours are another touch which brings these furnishings into 21st century styling – ideal for matching with a colourful or minimalist setting.

Add your own patterned cushions or rugs to bring these sofas to life in your home or use them as statement pieces to illuminate dead spaces in the home.

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